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It is world’s first SNS based English learning app.
Innovative platform for both English instructors and learners.

Study Smart on the mobile

Post, Enjoy and Share English lessons
Ask and Answer Questions
Share your expressions with the world

Smart Instructors!

Are you either an English native speaker
or one who teaches English in your own language?
Then, be the first to jump on this new trend
Meet your English teachers from around the world.

They will deliver lectures in English or in your own language,
such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and so on.
Choose instructors of your interest and their lectures will appear on your lecture feed.

ENGLISH  ON THE GO   is the revolution
of creating, distributing, learning and sharing lectures
PCs and Webs are gone!
Much more internet traffic is created on the mobile.
Now is the era of mobile.
Education must change accordingly.
The Answer?

Live, fast reaching and real lessons

It is never neatly and professionally defined lectures
produced in the studio, which is old-fashioned
but it is live, fast reaching and real English lessons
delivered by instructors from English speaking countries
We can share our knowledge of English
with the world in a most simple way
on the mobile phone and tablet

Lecture Themes

Food / Weather / Fashion / Movie Expressions / Grammar / Vocabulary
Baseball / Basket ball / Shopping / Grocery / Restaurant / Travel / and More

Food Weather Fashion Movie Baseball Basket ball Shopping Grocery Restaurant Grammar Travel Gadget

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